Classic Hangman


Game Description:

You’ve got five minutes in the subway but you don’t know what you should do to occupy your hands? You like doodles, scrawls and you’re a huge fan of the game of the Hangman? If that’s the case, you stopped at the exact right place! Classic Hangman is an adaptation of a great classic game supported by the presence of the little Hangman whose adorable expression are going to put a smile on your face! You should seriously play it!

Game Instructions:

You must find a hidden word about which you only know the number of letters. At each turn, you must choose a letter that you think is in the word. If you’re right, the letter appears in the word but if you’re wrong, you lose a live. Make too many mistakes and it’s game over! Enjoy this adaptation and it’s three difficulty mode that will hook you during your trips in the subway

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