Moms Recipes Banana Split


Game Description:

Moms Recipes Banana Split is a fun and educational cooking game on how to make a Banana Split! To make vanilla and strawberry ice cream base, place saucepan over medium heat and boil milk on it in just under boiling point. In a large bowl, add sugar and egg yolks and whisk them together. Slowly add heated milk to the egg yolks mixture. Pour it into a saucepan and allow to thicken while continouslly stirring. Remove ice cream base from the heat and allow it to cool down. Make the vanilla and strawberry ice cream by putting them in a mixing bowl, divide ice cream base into two large bowls for vanilla and strawberry. Churn the ice cream and transfer into ice cream containers and place them in freezer for 3 hours or overnight. Prepare the chocolate ice cream by mixing cocoa power half cream and heavy cream and whisk to combine. add sugar and egg yolks and whisk them with the mixture. Assemble the banana split by putting two banana pieces side by side with a gap in between on the serving dish. Scoop the vanilla ice cream on the center, scoop chocolate and strawberry on each sides. Squeeze a little caramel sauce over the top of them. Put whipped cream on ice cream scoops and sprinkle some chopped hazel nuts, chopped pecan and colorful sprinkles. Place a glace cherry on the very top of each ice cream scoops!

Game Instructions:

Left mouse button - Interact/Action

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8.5 Mb

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