Pocket League 3D


Game Description:

Pocket League 3D is a fun car soccer game that can be played 1 and 2 player. If you want, you can also include AI bots in the game. The bots will help you in the matches. You can make stronger hits by jumping your cars. If you do double jump, your car will flip through the air and hit even stronger. Choose the flag of the country you love and try to win the match by scoring the most goals before time runs out!

Game Instructions:

If playing single: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Jump: "SPACE" Flip: "Double SPACE" If playing two player: PLAYER 1 Move: "ARROW KEYS" Jump: "L" Flip: "Double L" PLAYER 2 Move: "W,A,S,D" Jump: "G" Flip: "Double G"

File Size:

43.33 Mb

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