Heroes of Myths: Warriors of Gods


Game Description:

Don’t be defeated while defending the temple with the warriors of gods. Summon the heroes of myths well known by lovers of mythology. Tap to create them inside the war zone, use the special gifts provided by the gods to destroy enemies and more. Save the people in Greece from the undead. Ordinary day in old Greece? No way! Today there are expectations of a cruel fight, because one of the nations has decided that they are already bored to sit back at home, so they just went to war. Well, we need a hero to stop them, otherwise it will not end well. What about Perseus, Hercules or Achilles? Take the role of one of these heroes, and fight for peace in ancient Greece. Perhaps the gods will reward you for your lifelong allegiance and humility in the form of a gift that will help you fight hordes of enemies (for example Zeus Storm would not be bad at all ...). Well, if not, rely on yourself and your followers. After all, you have no other options. Enjoy.

Game Instructions:

To play this game you will have to use the mouse.

File Size:

32.62 Mb

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