Adam and Eve Go 2


Game Description:

In Adam and Eve GO, despite the dangers and the challenges of the prehistoric times, love found a way to blossom! Adam loves Eve and he'll do anything to make her happy. Join this adventurous caveman through the multiple fun and challenging levels of this game! Can you help him overcome the obstacles and bring a nice flower to his significant other? Dinosaurs, traps, and many other dangers are waiting for you in this addictive game! Your objective is to complete each level by collecting a rose and bringing it to Eve. The game features 15 different levels for you to complete. Start from the first level. Use the arrow keys to move around and climb up and down the ladders. Be careful though! You'll encounter many different traps and obstacles. You need a way to bypass them. Either standing on pressure plates or using other objects would clear your way. You'll see fruits laying around in each level. Try to collect as many of them as possible, as these give you extra points. Approach other characters and give them what they want to gain items or even keys! Keys are required to open doors so you can reach Eve after collecting the rose. Enjoy!

Game Instructions:

You can use the arrow keys to control Adam. Use the left and right arrow keys to move around, and the up and down arrow keys to climb up and down the ladders.

File Size:

15.77 Mb

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