Baby Hazel Mother's Day


Game Description:

Like any other kid, Baby Hazel loves her Mom very much. So, this year she wants to surprise Mom on with a Mothers Day celebration. So, Baby Hazel along with her Dad are busy making arrangements for the celebration. Can you help out little girl and take part in the family celebration? First you need to goto shop with Hazel and buy necessities. Then goto kitchen to prepare Mothers Day Cake and later decorate the room. Be part of this joyous day with Baby Hazel and her family. Have fun! Mothers Day is a day one celebrates to pamper their mom and thank them for their contribution in one's life. Its mother who takes care of every little thing concerned to her child and this day is celebrated to felicitate her sacrifice. The Day is celebrated on Second Sunday of May annually.

Game Instructions:

Left mouse button - Interact

File Size:

9.4 Mb

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